In One Day

Checkout my new short "Reunion". It was originally made for the 48 hour film festival, but I liked the idea and character so much that it will be revamped, rewritten, and re-shot after the Christmas holiday. Our genre was road movie, our prop was a map, our character was Anthony Sewkousky (writer), and our line of dialogue was "I don't know why I'm here". Stay posted for more information on this exciting short film.

IN ONE DAY is a short written and produced by Tire Swing Pictures. This short will eventually be turned into a feature but is currently competing in the Denver Film School Student Showcase Competition.  It follows the life of Junuh on possibly the worst day imaginable.


Capacitywas the first film that I had ever worked on. Capacity was originaly created to compete in the 2014 24 hour film race. The requirements that were given were an ultimatum for the theme, biting into something for the action, and a broomstick as a prop.  It showcases Laurena Isabella Veraldi, Kimberly Roswell,  Paul Askedall and myself. It was filmed and edited by Micheal Johnson and Ryan Monchak. Directed by Micheal Johnson. Special thanks to Sean Coffman for his help behind the scenes.


Orestes 2.0

ORESTES 2.0 was a performance art piece put on by the Colorado State University theatre department. It was a show unlike anything I have ever done, and I'm happy to share the shows advertisement with you.


THE PAINT SHOOT was a photo shoot gone video in the best kind of way, I would like to thank Jeremy Hochhalter and Absinthe Photography for his amazing work on the shoot and the video, and I hope everybody enjoys the video as much as I do.

Bare Knuckle Broke Trailer

Dark Night of the Soul TRAILER

 CHECK OUT the trailer for my new film Bare Knuckle Broke. I play the part of Jeremy who is a young man who can't escape his fathers past. He tries to improve his situation but if he fails the consequences could be deadly... Big thanks to Steven Fox of Bellator Poeta Productions. Film coming soon!

CHECK OUT the trailer for my new film Dark Night of the Soul. I play the part of Francis who is struggling with the recent death of a close friend. Written and directed by Timothy Navarro.

Evil Lurks in Innocence

EVIL LURKS IN INNOCENCE was a horror film shot for the mobile film festival, and ended up in the horror block film festival. This film was a challenge because I had to operate the camera on the phone and keep it steady while I was acting. Thanks to Jimmy Lee Combs from Heart and Fire Films.