I am a born and raised Colorado native. I was brought up in Evergreen, Colorado and loved every minute of it. I am currently attending Colorado State University. I attribute my love of theater/ film to my parents who from a young age pushed me to be a "well rounded" individual... Which basically means that I did a little bit of everything growing up. But without that push and my parents continuing support I would not be the person or actor that I am today.  My first time acting is very easily related to High School Musical. When I was at Evergreen Middle School I was your run of the mill football player... Decently popular and hooked on my sport. I didn't want to do anything else. My parents picked up on this and convinced me to try out for my school's musical(ironically enough it was High School Musical). I hid my audition forms under my shirt and slipped into the cafeteria/stage to audition. I was cast as


Troy, and I never stopped.In High School I set myself apart from your status-quo (pun     intended) stereotypes and was both a varsity football player and young actor. Sadly my football career ended abruptly my senior year after a knee injury . All of my time and energy was then thrown into pursuing my dream of making a career out of something I was passionate about, so I worked on getting a theater scholarship and ended up at Colorado State University where I currently reside. My time in college has been a wonderful experience. I have grown more in my craft then ever before and I'm doing my best to prepare for the outside world. It was also in college that I started to do film and modeling work, whereas before I lived entirely on the stage. It's a new medium and I am very excited to see where it takes me.